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Belginum Archaeology Park

During Roman times, the Belginum 'Straßendorf' (village built around a central road) was spread over both sides of the Trier-Mainz road at an important road crossing. This road, now the Hunsrückhöhenstraße, is still important for today's long-distance traffic.

At this museum, opened in 2002, you will find a wealth of interesting information about the Celtic and Roman way of life of the native Traveris and Romanised population of the central Hunsrück. For example, the internal structure of a settlement with different crafts or the complex water supply and drainage systems are explained and illustrated using excavation findings. Choice grave finds reflect certain aspects of this ancient life.

Smaller superstructures around the museum and the walkway to the eastern burial ground (partially reconstructed in areas) are marked with information boards about the settlement, the temple regions, military camp and burial field, giving visitors an impression of life along this ancient transit route through the Hunsrück.