Cultural History Museum

This collection is presented in a rural ambience with domestic dwelling and barn. It incorporates typical working tools and machines of the farmer and craftsman which were to a certain extent still in use up to the middle of the 20th century.

Manual equipment, ploughs, carts and fencing equipment form part of the display. A milling mechanism reminds us of the essential task of grinding grain to meet the daily need for flour. Old village crafts are shown in different workshop sections: smith (in the former stall), cartwright, thatcher, carpenter, cobbler, barber, tailor, domestic butcher, beekeeper, basket weaver, as well as all the equipment needed for processing flax and for domestic weaving.

The domestic dwelling shows aspects of living conditions for a rural farmer: an old kitchen, living room and bedroom areas on the groundfloor and other rooms on the upstairs floor. Some areas in the dwelling and barn are used for temporary exhibitions.