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Historic Mill

The Allenbach mill has been owned by the Müller family for over 200 years. Each son has brought something back from his travels and time away studying. Today you can view three different grain milling mechanisms at the Hunsrück oil and grain mill: the Egyptian drive, the Roman drive and the cone drive (double-enveloping worm gear developed by Leonardo da Vinci). A water wheel attached to the side of the mill house drives all three milling mechanisms. Information boards use the rhymes and drawings of Wilhelm Busch to illustrate the journey of cereals from grain to pure flour. The long milling process ends in two spacious "Mühlenstube" (milling parlours). The comfy, genuine Dutch smoking chair in the milling parlour was left behind in the 19th century by a Dutch copperplate engraver. The oil mill is housed in a side room; the milling mechanism had to be much heavier for producing oil than for grains.