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With an art collection by Friedrich Karl Ströher

The 'Neues Schloss', built between 1708 and 1713, has housed the Hunsrück Museum since 1930. The focal point of the exhibition is on illustrating the history and culture of the Hunsrück area. 380 million year old fossils and petrifacts document the development of the natural and cultural landscape. Celtic and Roman finds, displayed in the prehistory and early history department, bear witness to early settlements on the Hunsrück mountains. Valuable printed articles from the 16th century, coins from the mint in Simmern as well as weapons and jewellery from the 'Fürstengruft' (royal crypt) record the cultural wealth of the city under the dukes of Simmern in the 15th and 16th centuries. The portrait collection of the Irmenach painter Friedrich Karl Ströher (1876-1925) complements the museum's collection. In the former tower prison, you will also find information about probably the most infamous thief and robber of the region in an exhibit entitled "Realität und Mythos des Schinderhannes" (The Reality and Myth of Schinderhannes).