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Hunsrück Timber Museum

Over an exhibition area measuring around 400 square metres, the Holzmuseum (timber museum) in Morbach-Weiperath tackles the timber industry which has been so crucial to the Hunsrück. The museum uses four themed areas to illustrate the varied relationships between man and timber across history and to the present-day. The timber experience room offers you the opportunity of experiencing timber with all your senses. Another area contains information for the visitor on timber production and how this raw material is processed and worked. The museum covers tree species of the Hunsrück, timber harvesting and timber transport as well as the saw industry and timber products. The wealth of timber in the Hunsrück provided a livelihood for many people, including coachmakers and cartwrights, broom makers, 'Hottenmacher' (makers of baskets worn on the back) and basket weavers. The exhibition shows how people lived both from wood as well as with wood. Wood as washing material, wash device or as packaging illustrate the versatility of this raw material.