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Unterburg Kastellaun - House of Regional History

Since 2007, the Unterburg Kastallaun has provided information on the early iron smelting of the Celts and the living conditions from 5 BCE back to the beginning of the Roman conquest in 58 BCE. A particular feature is the wagon burial of Bell which documents the interring of someone from a well-off, higher social class. An overview of castles and ruins in the Hunsrück, and of the nobility and knights' families, can be found on the first floor, including information on the history of Kastallaun Burg and different play facilities for children. The top floor houses a display on the Cold War period since 1945. The Pydna missile base near Hasselbach, 'Konversionspolitik' (the German policy governing the conversion of installations and bases from military to civilian use) are just as much of a topic of interest as the Hunsrück peace movement and the "Nature One" Ravers' Festival.

Play corners and play stations are on hand for children. Touch screens, audio stations and video introductions offer further levels of information.