Whiskey Museum

At the Kyrburg you can marvel at more than 2500 different types of whisky bottles displayed at the bar. Well-known brands sit comfortably next to rarities that are much sought-after by collectors. Along side distillates from the traditional whisky nations (Scotland, Ireland, USA and Canada) you will also find bottles from the former Democratic German Republic, Israel, India and Turkey, including a "snake whisky" from the Far East. The focal point of the collection is on the single malt whiskies of Scotland.

Some bottles date back to the last century including one that was recovered recently from a shipwreck. Other whiskies have matured for up to 50 years before being filled into bottles. Some of the undrinkable exhibits include historical documents, such as advertising placards, recipes or invoices from old whisky dealers, as well as tankards, ashtrays and other objects aimed at getting you to indulge in a tipple of whisky. Distillery equipment of course also forms part of the exhibition.