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Burg Reichenstein

The Burg was left to rack and ruin after the 16th century. The remains were blasted in 1689. In 1834, Franz Wilhelm von Barfuß bought the ruins and converted a tower into his place of residence. The Burg's current appearance is thanks to Baron Nikolaus von Kirsch-Puricelli, a rich industrialist. Between 1899 and 1902, he commissioned the Regensburg architect Strebel to build a Neogothic residential castle ('Wohnburg') in the English style. Other buildings and an observation tower were erected on the grounds in front of the bailey. It is the last Burg in the upper Central Rhine valley to be rebuilt in the Rhine Romantics era.

The building complex houses a Burg Museum with an extensive collection of historic weaponry and armour, as well as cast iron hot plates and a restaurant.